6 Types of Writers

Every writer is a type of writer. Most of us are a blend of writer types, or we have been a certain type of writer at a certain point in our lives, or at a certain point in the month, or the week… or the day. Some might be the type of writer we aspire to be, whereas others might be the type we hope to not be again. Here are 6 types of writers all writers will recognise.

1. The Multitasking Magician


The writer who can write ten different things at once and do them well. They can also keep up with several social media accounts, they never have unread emails in their inbox, and they still manage to get to the gym at least three times a week. I call them magicians because, well, they obviously have access to some kind of sorcery, right? Or maybe they’re just really organised. Either way, pass some of that multitasking magic to me, please!

2. The Writer of the Block


The writer with writer’s block. (Don’t be fooled by the words that I’ve got, I’m still, I’m still writer of the block – sorry, couldn’t resist). Every writer fears being one of these. Yet every writer has been and will probably be one of these again at some point. And if you’re a writer who hasn’t had writer’s block, you’re either very lucky or you’re one of those legendary writer god types (more on them later).

3. The Solitary Scribe a.k.a The Writer Stereotype


The writer who must remain in solitude when they work, often shutting themselves away from the outside world for long periods of time. This type of writer has also become the stereotype of writers, in general, and I must admit that there is some truth to the stereotype. Even if you’re not a Solitary Scribe all the time, there are times when you’re trying to get something written and you want no distractions, or you have a deadline, and you need to lock yourself away from the outside world.

4. The Social Scribe


 The writer who is the opposite of the Solitary Scribe. The Social Scribe doesn’t like to be in total isolation. They enjoy having people around when writing. They work with music on in the background or maybe even with the TV on. They regularly update their social media accounts. They’re often found working in coffee shops and other shared spaces.

5. The Procrastinator


The writer who puts off writing. Maybe they’re having writer’s block and don’t want to face it. Maybe they need to write something they don’t particularly enjoy. Maybe they’re too engrossed in that book they’re reading or that TV show on Netflix. Maybe they’re just not in the mood to write. The Procrastinator is one I think many writers can relate to.

6. The Writer God


The writer writers want to be. The writer who never runs out of great ideas, never has writer’s block, can easily get out 10,000 words a day if they need to, and never misses any typos or grammatical errors when proofreading. Every piece of this writer’s work is published or becomes a bestseller. This writer makes so much money from their writing that they don’t even need to write anymore. These writers are extremely rare, though. They are the unicorns of the writing world. Some wonder if they even exist…

Which type of writer or combination of writers are you? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “6 Types of Writers

  1. courtneyisms says:

    I’d say I’m probably a combination of The Social Scribe and The Procrastinator. I may also have tendencies of #7-The Lazy Literati. Ack, the pressure!
    Great Post!


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