About this blog

I’m Shee(na).

I have a problem.

And some might say it’s a great problem to have – a First World problem, I definitely agree. But it’s a problem nonetheless.

I buy books. Books I hear about and think they sound interesting and like something I’d enjoy. Books I see in shops and think they look interesting and like something I’d enjoy. Books I see online and think they look interesting and like something I’d enjoy. Books I see other people reading and think –

OK, you get the idea.

Then there are the books I buy simply because the cover is beautiful and I want to have it on my bookshelf. Or the books I buy because they’re classics and everyone needs to have classics in their collection, right? Plus, a lot of classics have really beautiful special edition covers.

OK, so where’s the problem here? I hear you ask.

One: I live in a tiny studio flat in London with my husband and we really don’t have the space to fill up every nook and cranny with books.

Two: I buy these books because they look interesting and like something I’d enjoy – but I don’t read them.

So I’ve ended up with many (possibly) interesting, beautiful books sitting on my bookshelf, unread and gathering dust.

I love to read. I genuinely love books and reading, and, compared to people who aren’t into reading, I have read a lot of books and do read quite a lot. But, in my personal opinion, I can definitely read more.

really want to use the ‘lack of time’ excuse but I’d be a liar if I did.

Because, while it’s true I have a full time job that takes up a significant amount of my time, I somehow still manage to find time to do a whole bunch of things like: watch random Youtube videos, binge watch shows on Netflix, read and write comments on forums, write short stories, watch DVDs, take naps

But reading gets placed at the bottom of the list of all these other activities, and by the time I’m finally ready to read I’m also ready to fall asleep.

So the point of this blog?

To force me to read my books.

Because if I don’t read them I’ll have nothing to write about or review on my book related blog, right?

Good plan? We’ll see!

Follow me on this journey!